338-06 RL15 Accubond Loads

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I'm trying to work up 338-06 load that would be good for African plains game out to 300 yards. Will likely be used on Kudu and smaller. Rifle is a Weatherby Mark V with 24 inch barrel.

I'm thinking 200 grain Nosler Accubond with RL15 but don't have the latest manuals. In one source I find:

53.5 gains = 2668 fps
51.5 2563 fps
49.5* 2458 fps

Another forum comment claims: 200 grain pill at 2900 fps with 57.1gr. of rl-15

Would appreciate comments as to the potential of getting a 200 grain Accubond in 338-06 to 2900fps with 57.1 grains of RL15. Any other suggestions for other 338-06 loads for plains game to 300 yards would be appreciated.


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    My .338-06 is nothing fancy. It's a surplus VZ24 Mauser with a barrel that Midway sold. I have used mostly H4350 and IMR4350 in it. 62 gr of H4350 gives me 2800 fps with either the 200 Hornady spire or the 200 Nosler balistic tip. Eight 5-shot groups averaged just over 1.5" with the Hornady. I have used 51.5 gr of RL15 but with the 225 Hornady spire. Chronograph reading was 2495 fps. I was shooting the 200 Nosler balistic tips on my range in the Spring four years ago when a woodchuck came over the top of my sand berm backstop to investigate. I was surprised at the amount of damage a bullet I thought suitable for elk did to that woodchuck!
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    Thanks Ambrose, I appreciate the suggestions.
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    The current Nosler BT bullets in .338 caliber are claimed to be made with stronger jackets to withstand 338 Win mag velocities. If you move up to the Accubond, penetration and overall performance should be adequate for elk at 338/06 ranges.
    My 338/06 seems to like IMR 4064 but I haven't tried some of the other suitable powders to any extent. I plan to try some H414 and/or one of the Ramshot numbers.
    According to my manuals, the 338/06 works best with medium burn rate powders. The bigger bore compared to the case size doesn't need really slow powders to achieve good results.
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