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Got a visitor

JustjumpJustjump Member Posts: 644 ✭✭✭✭
I'm in NW Ark. Pretty much just whitetail here on the farm and I'm set up well for them. Last week this little fella showed up and then I later found Mom and sibling, Young ones are 2 year olds so the Sow is a legit target. Question is what rifle and load do those of you that have deer as a primary and black bear as an option? on the small end and my preference for whitetail is a 243 but options are 30-06 7mag 300RUM 45-70 450 marlin 405 win. 375 H&H Take into consideration that I reload everything and I have other options. Just like something that wont blow up a deer but will be adequate for a 500lb black bear just in case.
Pic is 70 yds from my bedroom door


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