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A.GunA.Gun Member Posts: 1,326 ✭✭✭✭✭
Looking up ways to get a deer with one side rack mounted. I figured on just getting a duplicate made and adding it but I don't really know all of the options. Does anyone have any info?

Finnally got my buck[^]

Thanks, A.GUN


  • SuspensionSuspension Member Posts: 4,783
    edited November -1
    They can add to broken tines and I assume complete an entire antler that has been knocked off. It is fairly costly from what I have heard. A buddy of mine has a main beam tine finished off because it was broken about 4 inches shorter than the other side. It looks fake, it is obvious he had someone make the antler.
    Myself, I'd go with a skull mount.

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  • LmbhngrLmbhngr Member Posts: 271 ✭✭✭
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    You could cut the deer in half long ways and mount him like he's laying on the wall, haha. That would be different...and probably a first?
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