Vaquero question

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I'm posting this here instead of A T Experts because I figured you guys deal with these on a regular basis. Is it uncommon for the cylinder throats on Vaquero (old model) to be severely undersized? The throats in my 45 colt range from .444 to .448. I shoot 255 GR.,.452 lead RNFP.
I started noticing pressure signs with all but the most modest of starting loads. When I shoot 5.6 grains of Titegroup it feels like a 44 magnum and the primers go flat.
Is reaming the throats of this model a common practice. Most of my other revolvers (Rugers included) are no more than .001 undersized and several I can push a loose bullet back through the throat from the front of the cylinder with very little hand pressure. Thanks


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    It is a common problem, which is why Manson Reamers sells a cylinder reaming kit for them. You can get it from Brownells, or just find a gunsmith who has one. It is an easy and economical fix.
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