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Hammer drop on a USFA SAA

photogroupphotogroup Member Posts: 7 ✭✭
I installed a set of gunslinger springs on my USFA Rodeo and on my USFA Gunslinger. The force to cock the hammer is noticibly lighter and definately more comfortable during CAS match conditions. The Rodeo is giving me a problem though. There is a more pronounced drag on the hammer drop on it as compared to the Gunslinger. As a point of reference, if I let the hammer down very slowly from full cock and let go of it between the 1st and 2nd click ponts, the Gunslinger will still drop the hammer to fully down but the Rodeo won't.

I've very carefully stoned the hand slot, etc. per the instructions that come with the SAA stone kit from Brownells and the parts seem to move smoothly. What it appears to be is that as the two hooks on the bolt are compressed as the hammer drops, the hooks are so rigid that the compression slows the hammer movement.

Anyone out there experience similar problems when installing the Lee gunslinger springs? Any solutions?


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