Spider Bites

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Believe I got Me a Spider Bite. Felt a Sharp Pain in my left arm on the inside above the elbow the other nite & in the morning I had a Red Spot with radiating Red Streamers. Took some Benydril & marked around it with a pen. Looks Ok now with a pretty good Blister. Hurts a little. Should I pop the Blister?


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    bra-zilla will be along shortly and give you a detailed breakdown [:D]
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    hope its not a brown recluse bite.
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    quote:Originally posted by tazzer
    hope its not a brown recluse bite.

    Sounds like what happened when one of the little buzzards bit me. Turned necrotic a day or so later. Doc in the box cored a hunk of meat out of my leg. I still have a scar about the size of a quarter on my calf.

    Seek medical attention...
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    Yep, what CaptFun said. Don't fool around with a bite like that, you could end up with a whole passel of trouble in a few days.
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    If you are going to vote for Hillary, don't worry about the bite, especially if that is your voting writing arm.

    If you are thinking about voting for Trumph, get it taken care of so as you will live long enough to vote![}:)]
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    You can tell if there are two marks. Spiders have fangs. If there are two punctures by the wound it was a spider. Other bugs leave only one mark...
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    I had a friend who was bitten by a brown recluse at work. He wore shoes into the plant and kept his boots in a locker

    He hurt but did not go to the doctor for a few days.

    They had to cut a lot of meat out. The first time they did not cut either deep enough or round enough so they had to cut more out.

    I think but i am not sure that they were talking about taking his foot off.

    I wood get it checked out.
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    I thought this was a Post about a Mod[;)]
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    A Judge got bit in the foot by a Recluse here in Vegas years ago. He didn't get it checked out in time and lost his foot, then his leg, and then his life!

    My Dad got nailed twice, once in the wrist while opening up a box of Surplus stuff that had just came in, and in the forehead while sleeping at his Mine. The wrist bite ended up killing him. The poison traveled around in his system and started shutting down his Organs.

    From the way you describe it, it sounds like it was a Recluse. If you haven't left for the ER already, you better HALL *!
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    Little info about how to reduce Recluse numbers in the residence/garage/outbuildings.

    First get yourself $20 (about pint) of bifen IT and spray everywhere inside including basement and attic following the directions. You can review such online and buy on line or at local Co-Op or feed store. The Bifen IT puts the zap on insects and don't mix it any stronger than the directions. I think maybe might be about 1 oz per gallon, 2 oz at most, but read the directions. It's also good as a termit preventative. It's good stuff, odorless, colorless, but if I spray inside residence I do such and leave for at least 24 hours. I don't want to breathe any of the spray. I've seen it kill bugs, scorpins, crickets, ants, etc for 3 mo's or more with one spraying along the edges of a concrete floor inside a shop. Soaks into the concrete and still gets them good.

    Next get some of them catchmaster or Tomcat glue traps, type that you can make a little box with and place them under and around your refrigerator and freezers and along the wall where insects follow.
    You will be surprised how many you start catching that you never see in the daytime.

    The Recluse like to hang out around and under fridges because of the low heat and some moisture underneath.

    They also like moist cardboard boxes.

    If it's a Recluse bite it's going to get bad, black and rotten and dead meat. Also get yourself a Sawyers bite and sting kit $20, the new one that has the suction shyringe. Seen on TV that if it's used promptly might save a $20,000 hospital visit.

    I also keep handy a little vial of Adolph's meat tenderizer for spider bites, make a paste and apply immediately to the bite. You can review such online. Pesticide applicators some times carry a little vial of Adolph's in their shirt pocket for immediate application to a insect bite. Make a paste of the power with water or saliva and immediately apply to the bite and then seek treatment.
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    Just as bad as barking spiders
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    Are you within the range of the recluse? Bites get diagnosed many states outside the range of the recluse by inexperienced doctors. Leave the blister alone, less chance of infection.
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    quote:Originally posted by mackcrane
    Believe I got Me a Spider Bite. Felt a Sharp Pain in my left arm on the inside above the elbow the other nite & in the morning I had a Red Spot with radiating Red Streamers. Took some Benydril & marked around it with a pen. Looks Ok now with a pretty good Blister. Hurts a little. Should I pop the Blister?

    Popping the blister will not help anything unless infected and needing to drain.

    It will open up anyway on it's own.

    They used to use Dapsone for spider bites, so you are either getting better or not.

    Don't need to stand by and watch your arm rot.

    "Spider bites" are sometimes actually staph infections.

    WARNING: Permission to post this has not been approved by forum health care information censors.
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