chiropractors (stirring the pot)

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So which is it? Snake oil or legitimate form of medical care?



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    Day spa staffed by cute women, hot oil massage with a manicure and *. Ahh yes, life is good!

    Know what? I got today off, need to google a day spa here and go get spoiled [:D]
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    Mine helped me out quite a bit eliminated all the pain from my lower back to the tops of my feet.[;)][:)][:)]
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    everyone's take is different. In my case they really helped out my back, and my neck. Haven't needed their services for some time thankfully, but wouldn't hesitate if I did.
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    GREAT help with loser back pain. A PLUS> [:)][:)][:)]
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    My Buddy Dr. Cary Najarian @ Najarian Chiropractic Greene NY
    Is the Man.
    He Has Made My Life Better For Many Years.
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    can be a godsend. i played college football. my freshman year my buddy and i [both 260lb lineman] volunteered to be the wedge breakers on kickoff team.. the 2 battering rams whose sole purpose to kamikaze and blocking wall the receivers set up. we did...both arms felt the flash and zap of gasoline poured on both them lit, then encased in ice....2 stingers from a massive jimjam of my neck and spine.plus a concussion.

    trainers put a neck collar on me and sent me home with 2 pockets of darvons.. i had my mom come get me from school and get me to the old 75 year old chiro in my home town. he worked, massaged and cracked me around for nearly 2 hours and by damn i had full range of motion and balance and NO PAIN...

    other chiros have hurt me more than helped. if i am not fixed in 2 visits i dont go back
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    it worked for me , ill go back if needed.
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    I have lower back pain .( not bad enough for surgery thank goodness ) I went to a local one he seemed to know what he was doing had a plan I went every day for two weeks then twice a week for a maybe 6 or 8 weeks . then one a week . he kept telling me how good I was doing [:(] I kept telling him I was still taking pain meds and did not feel any difference , sure for about a hour maybe two I felt Ok after leaving his office I felt relaxed but being stretched on the table ( strapped down ) then a heat treatment and then him doing his hands on treatments , I am guessing just releasing the endorphins in my system .
    the only change I saw was a loss of weight in my bank account [V][V][xx(][xx(]
    that was about a year and a half ago , I have been debating to see another one that's suppose to be better ? several in town and we live in a small town . I know some people have better results so I will give it another change until then just pain meds ( which I hate with a passion )
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    I am tall, so have had back problems since my 20's. I have used various chiros for 40 years with generally very good results.

    Yes, some are better than others. If you try one and are not feeling good results (after a reasonable amount of time,) try another. Ask friends for recommendations.

    Avoid the ones who claim they can cure cancer or heart disease with chiro, but they are the minority. Most are very good at reducing back pain.
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    Kept me going for many years.
    But you have to have the right one. I know a couple of really good ones that always help me. I've also been to a couple that couldn't seem to get it right. One thing I know, a good one has to have some strength.
    Went to a woman a few times, just did me no good.
    The other one was a little guy who just was not strong enough. Really nice guy, but couldn't help me much.
    So, don't try just one if it doesn't help the first time.
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    It's a treatment but not a cure.
    "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you"
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    They saved me from Neck surgery. However he could not fix my lower back pain.[:(]

    The chiropractor could not pop my back. After 10 visits or so he told me that was the best he could do safely.

    He did not want to press harder than necessary. So he was done. I thanked him for being safe and i still go get my neck popped wnen ever i need it.
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    quote:Originally posted by duckhunter
    GREAT help with loser back pain. A PLUS> [:)][:)][:)]

    Hey, don't be so hard on yourself! You're probably not a loser....[:D][8D]
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    I get better results from massage therapy.
    The wife likes Chiro and massage.
    "What is truth?'
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    A great help for me,your mileage may vary
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    "Chiropractors" don't always crack your back, twist you into pretzel shapes, or unnecessarily drain your wallet.
    Find a Practitioner that uses an Activator.
    It looks like a giant, fat syringe with a crutch tip instead of a needle.
    The guy(now a gal, 'cuz the guy moved to Virginia) I use can tell what's wrong as you walk to the treatment couch.
    No disrobing, no weird stretching, no rubbing & kneading; you put your face in the massage table donut, she "bumps" around your back/shoulders/hips a couple times with the spring-loaded Activator, and she raises the table upright, you cut a check & walk once around the parking lot.
    Still feel good? Go home. If you find new or same discomfort, walk back in; ya already paid.
    My pulchritudinous ex shot skeet ONCE. She went to the Chiropractor with the Activator, 30 minutes later, she was barely bruised anymore & had full range of motion again.
    There are some Massage Therapists that can work wonders as well, especially if they're trained In Reflexology. There's a little pushing & lying on wedges, but it ain't no bone-crackin'!!!
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    If it's a bone alignment problem they can work wonders. I've had a problem off and on most of my life and when LOML introduced me to a good chiro back pain went away for a long time.

    Massage folks can really work on nerve pain. My sister is a certified massage therapist and she'* a spot of nerves that wouldn't "release" (whatever that means) and when she got finished I felt a lot better.

    But I've been to one that I never went back to. He was treating one lady for flu-like symptoms and did not help my back.

    It's a lot like deciding where to take your car. If it's tire trouble you don't need a machine shop, likewise a tire shop can't fix ignition problems.

    I go to my chiro when I've got "a hitch in my get along" but real medical problems means a trip to my GP.[8D]

    I'm glad I've got a good one of both types!!
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    Just like anything else....works for some doesn't for others.
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    Had to put up a large sum to have the decompression table exercise. I go in mid month to see what mine done to me for an MRI. He refunded my money.
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    I've had great relief from a chiropractor.

    However, it's a 'practice' and there are no guarantees in life...and that includes from a heart doctor, a brain surgeon, a neurosurgeon, or anyone that 'works' on the human body.

    If you know of any, please post here!
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    quote:Originally posted by callktulu
    quote:Originally posted by duckhunter
    GREAT help with loser back pain. A PLUS> [:)][:)][:)]

    Hey, don't be so hard on yourself! You're probably not a loser....[:D][8D]

    Who are We?? To judge?? [:D]
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    I have a great chiropractor. She is an intuitive healer and has improved my quality of life greatly. She also does soft tissue work called ART which has helped improve my range of motion and level of pain.

    I went through about 20 different ones until I found her. It is a lot like buying shoes. Try a bunch of them until you find the right fit.
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    Snake oil. If your bones are out of place you're on the floor and screaming, not walking around and complaining about soreness.
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    It depends upon the doctor.

    I have seen one about 6 times over the past 15 years. My ribs tend to fuse to my backbone and need to be busted loose every so often. At our first meeting he stated that his goal was to set me straight and give me the tools to take care of it myself. I can be a bit of a slow learner, but he did achieve his goal, and I haven't had to see him in over 5 years.
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