House passes violence against women legislation

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Huff Post, yet another critic of the NRA (allies of the NRA critics here?) reports that in spite of NRA's best efforts the US House of Representatives passed legislation called the "Violence Against Women Act." This is basically an renewal of the "domestic abusers" act which ex-pres Klinton instigated when in office way back in the 1990's. It basically means that if you use violence against your domestic partner (wife, husband, boy/girl friend, etc.) or that partner MAKES A CONVINCING LIE that you did abuse them, you lose your 2A rights. But no worries peeps. When this legislation gets to the NRA friendly US Senate it is going to die a quiet death. Thanks NRA!



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    Threatening congress members with their bullying tactics and monetary influence hardly seems noble, unless you're an "the ends justify the means" type of guy.
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