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Hit the Chinese Buffet a couple days ago.

$22 for about 4-5 meals. (More than usually weighs out.)

Today's menu is a couple packs of Ramen noodles. (One Chicken/one Soy sauce based.) Badia Complete seasoning and ground black pepper. Various shots of Tabasco/pepper sauce incorporated. Some Chinese tomato paste based, hot pepper/with seeds, spiced blend mixed in. Soy sauce. Mixed in about a lb.of steamed Salmon, rough diced. Some thin sliced/slivered onion. About 1/4 lb. of sauteed green beans/slivered carrots, diced up. (All from the Chinese Buffet.) (And) Let's not forget Norigomo Furikake. (Seaweed flakes, eggs, sesame seed, soy bean sauce)

A fair amount of diced green onion/scallions. Added a cup or two of fresh from the garden, off the cob corn.

Pretty good stuff.

Trailer Park Cuisine. :) I figure about $2-3 total.

Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁


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    You should buy a Chevy van and furnish it with bean bag chairs and camp out at taco bell and kc. Chinese Buffet, MEOW.
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    You should buy a Chevy van and furnish it with bean bag chairs and camp out at taco bell and kc. Chinese Buffet, MEOW.

    I'm not into Chevy's.

    I Once had a 74' Camaro Z-28 though, not a bad ride.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    :D I do the same kind of thing quite often. Discovered our local Chinese place carry out was so much cheaper than all of the fast food drive throughs!

    I just wish I could figure out a way to package all of those very good soups that place makes! When I eat in, I take advantage of the egg drop, the hot & sour, wonton, and the cream corn soup with crab meat!

    My only warning about re-hashing left over Chinese food is that a few of the entree's do not hold up very well after a few days in the refrigerator. The coated chicken dishes like sesame and the orange seem to break down and come apart within about 3 days. I find it still edible but not nearly as good a day or so earlier. The flyed lice holds up the longest but if it starts flying around when you open the package, you'd better toss it! :o
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    Usually, Sodium {salt} is measured in mg.
    That meal of yours is measured in ounces !!!

    Great for the blood pressure!!!
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    If you are trying to end it all, a bullet would be faster.

    and more palatable.
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    He Dog wrote:
    If you are trying to end it all, a bullet would be faster.zz

    and more palatable.

    Yep... there's a reason why they're cheap eats...
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    I Once had a 74' Camaro Z-28 though, not a bad ride.

    My wife was driving my '73 455 TransAm home one day toward the end of the year in in 1974 in Knoxville, TN and a guy and his wife in their '74 Chevy Z-28 followed her home in order to try to buy my TA.

    We shot the bull out in the driveway for a while and kicked tires and I told him I wasn't interested in selling my car but that I would be willing to buy his if he wanted to sell it. The stock '74 Z-28's wouldn't fall out of a tree as I'm sure you know they were so under powered but he had done a lot of work to this one and it was hitting a mean lick while idling in the driveway. He owned a large trucking company there in Knoxville and didn't spare any expense building the engine. He had put different heads on it with oversize valves with roller rockers, different Crane camshaft in it, with headers and aluminum intake manifold, with a Holley Double Pumper Carburetor, bored it 30 over, installed 10.6:1 compression TRW forged pistons, put a 12 bolt rear end in it with 3;73 gears and the transmission had been built with a high stall converter and shift kit also.

    It ran almost as good as my T/A and actually ran better than my '74 454 big block Corvette at that time. That '74 year model Corvette was another boat anchor that I breathed life into a few months later but that's another story.

    Anyway I ended up buying his Z that afternoon. It was a good running car and it was also a comfortable street car. My wife liked it and drove it most of the time which was find with me since it kept her out of my T/A and Vette.

    My oldest son took the Z when he got old enough to drive and made a good looking pro-street machine out of it.



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