lib courts tough on gun crime?

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SCOTUS shows they are against the people and for the criminals once again

The five justices sided against the conservative majority and struck down a law imposing additional penalties on criminals who use firearms while committing violent crimes.



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    Punish the crime not the tools.
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    If our courts would enforce our basic laws...we would not need additional laws for guns.

    Give the bank robber a proper sentence for robbing the bank - that's already illegal.

    Give the murderer a proper sentence for shooting their victim - that's already illegal.

    Give the armed drug dealer a proper sentence for selling drugs - that's already illegal.

    I can't believe they misspelled "Pork and Beans!"
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    The justice system is a joke.

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    our justice system is so slanted it should slide off into either ocean....there are a lot of criminals in the USA that need immediate execution... or deportation.......i believe a public hanging in the town square displayed on tv shortly after a conviction ( one appeal only) would be a better deterrent than 20 years of appeals and cries by liberals to "understand" the perpetrator....not dropping him off a box but by pulling the rope up over a limb ...several times till everyone gets the message
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