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    There would be much less droplet release with that mask than without unless the droplets can emerge from your mouth or throat, then strike the mask and bounce off to the side.  

    That very mask would greatly reduce droplet release.

    They don't have to catch every droplet in order to drastically decrease your chances of getting an infection.  People aren't constantly walking through clouds of spit droplets.  There sometimes are a few when someone coughs, sneezes, or talks and if the mask catches most of them, there is much less chance of bystanders catching Covid-19 when within 6 feet.  Soon they'll be out of range. 
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    Flawed logic and proven in the article that you are 100% wrong. By side jetting the breath, and turning the spittle into mist, sending it upwards to hang in the air longer and thus reach more people, vs droplets hitting the floor. 

    Read the article, it is well documented over the years. 

    And I had a perfect example of the masks causing more of a chance for spreading germs when I went to the bakery yesterday. They told me I had to have a mask on. All the while they were not wearing theirs properly. Then when I mentioned that, they grabbed their mask with rubber gloves and continued serving the customer, without washing hands.

    It is a false sense of security, it does not help, and besides robbing oxygen for the brain, catches the germ laden mist of the person ahead of you and breeds the germs in the warm moist mask without the benefit of antibodies doing their job on one or two germs at a time. 

    And all the cases are with people who are wearing masks. Guess what, people who are not wearing masks are not getting sick and dying. They won't publish those stats now will they? This would be over by now and with fewer deaths, had they just let it run like the flu of past years. 

    What is contagious when not wearing a mask is a smile. A smile is contagious. It is well documented that people who smile are healthier. What do you have against smiling? 

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    Magoo I think you are missing the boat on this one. The article you posted the other day that stated some masks didn't work concluded with the authors of the study recommending wearing masks. 

    Unless someone has an existing respiratory problem the few ccs of CO2 retained by the mask won't be noticed. If that much CO2 was a problem you would faint every time a car passed you.

    Guess you never heard of disposable or washable masks either. 

    It seems like a good percentage of deaths occurred during the time they told us not to wear masks so that blows the theory of only mask wearers getting sick. I'm not demanding anyone wear a mask but in return ask that they don't use illogical arguments to discourage others from wearing a mask if they so choose. Bob

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    I have heard all the lies, and here is a nice website that may explain some of the misinformation being spouted. 
    There is no COVID-19 virus. There is the virus called SARS-CoV-2

    I knew early on about the inept medical "professionals" when they said that the virus would die out in the summer because of the heat. Virus love warm moist environments, they cannot survive Antarctic temps and climate, they never will.  They can survive in the buildings if people bring it in.  Virus don't do so well in the dry desert heat either. 

    The reason it appears that the virus dies off from summer is because people don't tend to huddle around the fireplace so to speak, they are out social distancing by playing in the sun, which will kill the virus faster than indoors, or inside a mask, out of the reach of the sun. 

    I have worn masks most of my adult career for particulate.  For fumes and vapors, vs grinder dust, a different mask. To get hired on with the refinery, we had to pass a lung capacity, because we may be required to wear a mask because of chemical fumes and vapors.

    Putting a diaper on your face, without sealing all sides, is a waste of time and money and harms the human body in a few ways, and only severe enough for immediate problems on those with diminished lung capacity. People have passed out from wearing masks. There is one documented fatality of a driver wearing a mask and passing out. 

    Wearing a mask will not prevent you from catching SARS-CoV-2, if it did, we would be done with it already. Fact is, people wearing the masks are contracting SARS-CoV-2 and then getting sick. People not wearing mask who catch SARS-CoV-2 are more likely to fight it naturally due to better health and better attitude (not believing panic porn). 

    Wearing a mask does not stop the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, and makes transmission more likely as people think they are  "safe" because they have a mask. 

    There will be a 20% infection rate, nothing we can do will change that fact. We cn slow it and prolong the pain, make people depressed and broke and such, but the virus acts like any other virus, because that is what it is. The infection rate could go higher than normal due to ignorant masking and face diapering. 

    I always wore earplugs, others wouldn't. I would wear a mask when grinding, others wouldn't. I would wear a respirator when painting, others wouldn't, so please spare me the fake science about masks. When people cough without covering their mouth, I just want to punch them. Now they cough into their masks,  fiddle and adjust them then grab stuff and put it down again, and never wash their hands. People are stupid. 

    f I thought a mask even reduced my chance by 10%  I would wear one, I am not a fool. NOBODY has shown scientific proof that they work, and rather the opposite is true.  But "surgeons wear em", is not proof. That just keeps the doctor from spitting in my wound and the doctors next to him are getting blasted. That is evidence in the video of vaping in a mask. 

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    If all the droplets were being ejected at high velocity and hitting a smooth surface then side spray would be a concern.  

    The mask curves around your face so a droplet of spit would have to ricochet several times to make it out backwards towards your ears.  

    The inside of the mask is not smooth and catches droplets.  When you sneeze into a tissue, does the wetness ricochet off and go sideways?  Plus, most droplets would be released at a lower velocity than sneezing. 
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    I want to add that anyone who doesn't think picking memes apart is fun can read another thread.  
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    These days, you can find internet "proof" for - and against - any imaginable position you might want to take. It's just a matter of cherry-picking the alleged facts. 
    Credo quia absurdum, I believe it because it is absurd.

    I may be a bit crazy - but I didn't drive myself.
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    I KNOW FOR SURE the best mask is a clear plastic bag over the head held around the neck with duct tape.  It is 100% effective in preventing the spread of airborne illnesses including the China Virus.
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    Pres. Trump the only person I have heard say the summer heat will kill Covid 19. Been over 100 degrees quite often this year in CA and we still have it bad. For gosh sakes, how hot does it have to get?
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    The heat may make things worse because buildings will be sealed up and air conditioned, possibly leading to a recirculation of virus-laden air.
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    All I know for sure is that if I cough/sneeze, most of it stays in the mask. Without one, none of it does. I want the people who ARE infected to wear one.
    I may be a bit crazy - but I didn't drive myself.
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    At the time, it was a reasonable assumption, given how other flu like viruses behave. It seems to have been an incorrect assumption, but then during normal flu seasons we are not forced to shelter in place and hide.

    Freedom and a submissive populace cannot co-exist.

    Brad Steele
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    I was in a grocery store on Saturday, Nanuq907, and some putz commented on functional a mask someone in line behind me looked.  He then went on to state something to the effect that only the idiot in the White House could make wearing a mask a political football.  I just looked at him and mentioned that if he would open up his eyes and maybe his mind, he would see that it was Trump's critics that made mask wearing political, not Trump.  Apparently he spends his days in an echo chamber, because he had no response.
    Freedom and a submissive populace cannot co-exist.

    Brad Steele
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    Liberal's typically have no response when assailed with the facts.

    It is fun to debate them.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    Sad to say, it is not just the libs that have a hard time with facts.  I found another older but relevant article about sars cov 2 and how it is transmitted. I like this article because they stick to the facts. How I or anybody interprets this is their choice.  But to me, the takeaway is that unless you are in an absolute sterile lab, with full decontamination rooms and gear, you cannot stop sars cov 2.  

    Thank God that it isn't anywhere near the ebola death rate, and only a mild cold or flu. 

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    If nothing else, When I'm wearing a mask,
    99% of the people I encounter tend to stay several steps away from me.
    I can sing as I shop and no one knows for sure that I'm the AH with the terrible voice.
    Even if they pinpoint that squalling is coming from behind my mask they still can't identify me.
    I do not have to smile at or stop to talk to anyone!

    I'm working on an under-mask holster for my NAA mini-revolver.  I'm gonna be rich, I tell you, rich!

    I can't believe they misspelled "Pork and Beans!"
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    It amazes me that the rulers-on-high simply say "wear a mask" without providing any guidance as to the design, material, etc. Our "expert-on-everything" governor even recommended making your own mask from an old T-shirt. Heck, when my T-shirts are ready for the scrap heap you can nearly see through them.
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