Have ever seen a 12 Ga. Shotgun shell like this.

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Do you know anything about this Shell. History, why is is made like this Ect. 


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    Salesman or dealer window sample shots shell insert new product or patent demonstration piece - I have a dozen or so including industrial kiln rounds...


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    granulated flaked powder followed by felt disc wad stack topped with a "new" shot string designed to hold together longer after leaving the barrel or passing through the choke tube prior to separation to produce tighter spread and harder hits at longer ranges - high brass paper hull with paper cap colored nomenclature insert instead of crimp closure...

    Just to be specific.


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    Thank You for your quick response. Edgar 
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    The high gun headstamp brand line nomenclature is intriguing - I do not have a Peters hull so marked and the sobriquet used may raise collector interest or indicate increased value or rarity...

    Probably helps define the production timeline - I would expect finding an ad or period correct manufacturer ephemera much easier based on that branding and name usage which I am unfamiliar with...


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    Might be a lot older than it first appears? Either that or the over shot wad that was used, is positively ancient. Ballistite powder, dates to the late 19th Century. It was one of the first commercial gun powders, invented by Alford Nobel of Dynamite fame.

    Because it's manufactured, with a healthy dose of Nitroglycerin. I kind of doubt that it's been used for shotgun loads. Any time recently.
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    Cartridge board gifted to me has numerous samples, along with many rifle and pistol cartridges, all displayed behind glass in a frame,,,,,

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    Ballistite was still being sold as late as the 50's. (although hard to find)  I think Lymans number 40 or 41 loading book was still listing loads for it.  A fast powder to be sure.
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    Yes, salesman sample. I have a few boxes, Winchester, Peters, and Western. They came in a box say 3 x 5 and had at least 5 different loads. Window shells I think is correct for the occasion.
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    I looked on a cartridge auction and window shells were going for $15 to $65, depending on what they were. Had a Peters just like yours; brought $38.
    The 'High Gun ' headstamp was in use between 1902-1911.
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