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Within the last 10 days I have won two auctions on Gun Broker.com. Both for a Sig Sauer 365. After I was told I won both dealers sent back a note they were sorry but either ran out of stock or simply said they couldn’t fill the order. The one from this week after a phone call charged my credit card and sent a congrats email and stated they were going to ship to my local gun dealer. Then sent an email yesterday telling me sorry but they ran out of stock and can’t get any more.

Thanks for any help. Nick 99


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    First off, advising Gun Broker on how to do anything in these forums is a no-no. This is one of the two reasons that I edited your thread. 

    I've had the same thing happen to me, and it is frustrating. Sadly, all that you can do is to notify Customer Support and then leave negative feedback. 
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    With the things that are happening, here in the U.S. It's a sellers market, for desirable handguns. Not doubting,  some folks  are willing to pay substantially over list price. To get their hands, on a quality SIG pistol.  This would be awfully tempting, to a dealer.
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    Sold my Sig P365
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    Report those sellers to GB, because it strictly states in the seller's rules that the item they are selling must be in their possession when they list it for auction. No ordering from a supplier when the auction ends. 
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    Its got to be hard to run a warehouse type business where things are drop shipped right now.   The wholesale guys are behind in shipping and things are impossible to get.   Still, I have a hard time forgiving the guys that cannot hold up their end of the sale.....on both sides.   
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    I have the Sig 365 and the Sig 365 XL. I like them both. They are worth the wait.

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    I got in on the P365 fairly early at a great price....dang I like that little pistol.
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    Most of the time you hear of non paying bidders or NPB. Have over my many years on GB, dealt with the same sellers you describe. They make excuses for not having the item.
    I make sure these deadbeats get the "F" feedback they deserve. 
    Most of the time such occurrences happen when the item does not sell for the the price they expected. One time I saw the seller relist the same item, this time with a reserve.
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    On each auction page is a link:  "Ask Seller A Question."  Use it and ask,  "Do you have this item in stock, right now?"  If the answer is "No," or if the seller is unresponsive, shop elsewhere.
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    Nunn is giving good advice.  i drove 160 miles recently to look and probably buy a gun from a dealer that listed the gun as available on their web site.  thats where i learned that available does not mean in hand.  lesson learned.  but all was not lost, a good friend and me had a nice road trip anyway.
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    I understand current frustration - esp. by sellers - but the only way the auction site endures is if it works according to the rules.

    You list an item for sale and you best be able to produce it. If I have the winning bid, I am expected to pay for the item AND you are expected to sell me the item. No excuses.

    Repeat rule breakers on either side should - just a GB suggestion, not a criticism/complaint/advice/other prohibited activity - be banned.

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    I've only bought on the auction side.   Most of what I buy is used equipment including guns.   I have an 1100 Remington barrel on the way now I bought there a few days ago.   I haven't had any of these type of issues in about 70 purchases.   I have over 50 feed backs but everyone doesn't leave feedback so about 70 purchases I guess.  There have been a couple of minor things but nothing of real concern.

    My point is the auction side is handy to locate and buy things so I wouldn't let these two seller spoil me on the option.   There are a few things that keep me from bidding on an auction.  One is if the seller states the item is also for sale in their store.   I read the add and if I don't like something in it I move on.  Maybe that's why I haven't had issues.    I also look through the sellers feedback.  If they have any negative feedback I read what it is and see if I think it was warranted or not.  If it is warranted negative feedback, like not having the item to ship, I move on.   Some are professional sellers, some have store fronts, some are individuals moving things for all the reasons people do that, what ever they are, most are honest folks.   It's a resource to locate things you may not find locally or maybe at enough of a lower price to make it worth it.   
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    nunn said:
    On each auction page is a link:  "Ask Seller A Question."  Use it and ask,  "Do you have this item in stock, right now?"  If the answer is "No," or if the seller is unresponsive, shop elsewhere.
    Unless using GB checkout,  always made contact with the seller before money is sent or CC info passed. Always affirm address to send payment is correct and whom to make the MO out to.

    In every case, the seller has accepted or acknowledged my payment is on the way. When payment arrives and it is then all of a sudden the item is gone.  Yes I give the F they deserve and .....as always get the reciprocal F despite being prompt with my payment......then go thru the process of contacting GB CS to have the F removed.   All reloading supplies.

    The $800 X firearm, no one bid on that I ended up winning for half of what it retailed ended up getting lost. Yes I contacted the buyer beforehand and asked about it. Interestingly seller relisted item later; this time with a reserve. 
    Won a 1917 Enfield some time ago and for over a month could not contact the seller. Phoned him, went thru GB, sent email many times.  It was when I gave the negative FB, I finally heard from him. 

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