The bad news, just doesn't _ _ _ _ _ _ stop!

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Just got off the phone, with the mail lady. Where I have been living in Navajo county, (didn't go up this summer, because the Chinese crud, is so bad up there. 225 dead).

To make a long story short, she told me that they are being overrun with city folks. Who are running away from the putrid cesspools, that they don't want to live in any more. 

Unfortunately most are refugees from the people's republic of California. Which doesn't make me happy. I left California and Californians 20 years ago. Just don't want to put up with them, or their BS.


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    My sister says there are so many California license plates running around Kalispell, that it's making her real nervous.
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    maybe they will give you 5 times what its worth, and you can find a more conservative area........
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    Same in Colorado. They just keep coming, bringing their politics with them. The big problem in our country is not California, it's Californians.
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    The Pelosi plague......
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    >:) Most of the people in California came from other states and Mexico. Many of them probably got homesick and are returning home. >:)
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    I said many years ago (while visiting California) that California would be a nice place to live except for all those Californians.
    And now, you say they are leaving....
    I can't believe they misspelled "Pork and Beans!"
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    You can run but you can't hide from Leftist Socialism.As The Democrats declare Sanctuary cities and Allow unbridled illegals pouring into our country then it will only cause state taxes to increase to fund all the bleeding hearts United Nation agenda for refugees and a new population explosion here. Just watch!



    In a plan released on Wednesday, Biden vows to provide amnesty to every illegal alien currently living in the U.S., as well as end nearly all of President Trump’s cost-saving reforms such as restarting a welfare-dependent immigration pipeline, where legal immigrants are permanently resettled in the country despite immediately needing public assistance.

    “Biden will immediately begin working with Congress to modernize our system, with a priority on keeping families together by providing a roadmap to citizenship for nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants,” the outline states.

    Aside from mass amnesty, the plan commits to:

    • Releasing all border crossers into the U.S. interior
    • Restarting welfare-dependent legal immigration to the U.S.
    • Ending the National Emergency Declaration at the southern border
    • Ending a travel ban from foreign counties that sponsor terrorism
    • Providing amnesty to 3.5 million DACA-enrolled and DACA-eligible illegal aliens
    • Providing federal student loans and free community college to DACA illegal aliens
    • Cracking down on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agencies

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    Californication is a well known problem in the rest of the west.  Northern NM became one of the first places in the country to lose hispanic population when they could no longer afford the property taxes driven up by, you guessed it, Califorians moving in.
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    Same (deleted) different coast, New York, New Jersey DEMOCRATs moving south. 

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    Here is one explanation of californian: (or definition of)


    Nancy Patricia Pelosi (/ pəˈloʊsi /; née D'Alesandro; born March 26, 1940) is an American politician serving as a congresswoman from California, and is the two-time and current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

    Another thought for the day: (hope I do not cause you to wake up from having a bad nightmare with this thought) Try to stay calm.

    If anything happens to Trump and Pence that they cannot carry the torch Nancy will be our leader.
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    Pssssttttt............just don't send anymore to Texas please.
  • gartmangartman Member Posts: 566 ✭✭✭

    CA has been absorbing people from all over the country since the Gold Rush. In the famous words of Pogo, "We have met the enemy, and they are us!"


  • allen griggsallen griggs Member Posts: 32,925 ✭✭✭
    In 1977 I lived in eastern Washington right near the Idaho line.  I spent a lot of time in Idaho.  I saw lots of bumper stickers, "DON'T CALIFORNICATE IDAHO."

    And they meant it.   I heard stories, somebody driving around up there with California plates, would find their tires flattened, or their windshield broken.
    I was from Georgia so I got a pass.

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    how can anyone believe the middle class taxpayer can PAY for millions of illegals and the worlds dissatisfied to flock in and demand FREEBIES.....this is not the 1800's and a rather empty country...close the border and remove illegals
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