What if the roles were reversed

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I just read a news article about 19 families who went in together and bought 97 ac of land in central Georgia.  They plan to build a community there and name it Freedom.  It will be an enclave and safe area for these people and their families.  Reading the comments, most are for it................I am too, I say go for it.


The rub is these are Black families and the area will be for black people only.

What if they were white?  Would this be denounced as a raycist idea...........................you bet it would.

They should be glad Janet Reno is dead, she would have had the place burned down.

In the long run I really could care less but I find it kind of ironic the double standard the news and lots of people show these days.  In the real world if you want to keep certain people out you just jack up the price so only the rich can afford it or have an HOA with nazi style rules where only people who will abide by them will live there.  But these folks have come out and said black only(or those sympathetic to afro americans) can live there.  What would they say if it was any other race/group doing that.

  So much for the end of segregation.



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    "What if they were white?  Would this be denounced as a raycist idea...........................you bet it would."

    Most certainly.
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    I forget the specific details of this real estate transaction. A friend bought a house in El Cajon California around 1975. There was a restriction dated early 40s stating no buying or renting to Japanese. There was a lot of wording stating this was no longer legal and was void. I don't know if this was because of state or federal law but if it is because of federal law the people in Georgia may have some problems.
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    Their land, their rules. More power to them.
    But, who’d do the lawn if they didn’t let a few messicans in?
    How would they have a 7-11 without a few *’s?
    Not much of a town without at least one Chinese restaurant.
    Who’d keep the varmit population down without a few redneck boys?
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    I agree with Jim but I am also sure if it was a group of white folk the feds would come calling.  Not to mention CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR and NBC.  The hypocracy of the left, libtards commie pinko lying flaming buttholes truly knows no limits!!!!!!!!! 
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    I wish them the best.   97 acres isn't much room for 19 families.   I wonder what they will do when Junior gets out in the world and brings home a white girl.
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    Sam06 said:

    The rub is these are Black families and the area will be for black people only.

    This ought to be fun to watch. Since the beginning of time their kin folks in Africa never built anything but a bunch of grass huts and now these people are going to strike out on their own and build a community. :D:D

    I'd help pay their way if all of them moved into a community of their own. Anybody want to take bets on how long it takes them before they're demanding the government to assist them?
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    I see no issue, we have countless areas with heirs only living on them around here and most people live on a hell of a lot less than 5 acres so seems to be plenty for now.
    White or Black I could care less I don't see how anyone can legislate who you like or don't like or who you want to be around but apparently Biden is promising to bring the ghetos to the suburbs. Should play well for him.
    Why don't we go to school and work on the weekends and take the week off!
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    I bet I can guess......

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    Curious.  Are they saying they will be autonomous?  Will they be part of an incorporated area?  Will they be under the County, or nearest city?  Mail delivery?  Law enforcement (city/county/state)?  What about water supply and sewage removal/treatment?  Garbage/waste removal?  Roads and grounds maintenance?  Electricity?  Natural Gas?

    There are MANY factors they will have to deal with when setting up their neighborhood.  If they look to the Government for help in any way, they have to abide by the laws of the country (Fair Housing, Equal Rights, etc....)
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    I fully support the notion that people can freely associate with other and freely disassociate from others.

    Not sure why it matters what some chattering idiots say about it.
    Freedom and a submissive populace cannot co-exist.

    Brad Steele
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    I agree with Don but maybe a step farther, If I owned a business or rental property I still feel it is my right to allow whoever I want or don't want in the business or rental, I am the one loosing money by being discriminatory, don't think the gov't should be able to force me to allow/rent to folks I don't want to allow in/rent to......
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