I don't watch much network television but.....

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I have realized that I have not seen any pro-Trump ads.  They are all pro-Biden or anti-Trump administration.  Am I missing them or are the networks just not allowing them?  I would not be surprised in the least bit if they are not allowing them.


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    We have had proTrump on our stations.  The ad talks about taxes going up under Biden.  If that happens it will be full employment for CPA’s.
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    I have seen pro Trump ads on tv here.
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    I don't watch TV so I have no clue.
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    It seems that here Biden ads outnumber Trump ads by a large margin even though Michigan is a swing state. Bob
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    SWB0320 - the SBA PPP stimulus package has given me enough extra work right now.  Extra work I really didn't need or want.  I am a small town CPA with me, my secretary and another bookkeeper.  Been doing it this way since August 1990 and really have no regrets other than working too much while raising my two sons and not bringing on another staff person.  I have always been paranoid about quality of work and the need to make sure it is done correctly and ethically.  Ready to slow down.
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    May just be the time of day as I do not watch much prime time TV.  During the late afternoons Biden adds are all I am seeing  (and lots of em) along with Medicare supplement plans that make me feel like a school boy sitting in the front row of the class! 

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    I "think" lots of the $ is targeted geographically. But, not sure that explains all the "Biden & The Ho" ads I'm seeing in this liberal cesspool.  Unless, the pinkos are scared of dwindling support or enthusiasm, even in traditional strongholds??
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