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21 Senate Democrats urge Biden to put recurring stimulus checks in play

serfserf Member Posts: 8,983 ✭✭✭✭
edited March 2021 in Politics

Hot dogged,free money for perpetuity ,all you have to do is Vote for Those ever loving Democrats!Those Illegals are lining up right now to get in to start claiming their fair share! Truly Blessing fromThe socialists to give it all away and take your guns before you get the bill!

They are so smart are they not? They are better than The Red Chinese government now! No place but American ,my friends.


Twenty-one members of the Senate Democratic caucus wrote to the president Tuesday urging him to include recurring direct payments and enhanced jobless benefits as part of his recovery plan.

The senators, led by Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden of Oregon, aim to tie the aid to economic conditions so relief does not lapse too early.

“This crisis is far from over, and families deserve certainty that they can put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads,” the senators wrote. “Families should not be at the mercy of constantly-shifting legislative timelines and ad hoc solutions.”


  • Don McManusDon McManus Member Posts: 22,975 ✭✭✭✭

    Families should never be dependent upon Government.

    Not for money.

    Not for Health Insurance.

    Not for personal protection.

    Not for anything.

    These people who would rule over us are going to have to be stopped. If they do not let us stop them at the ballot box as is their plan with HR-1, what do they expect is going to happen?

    Freedom and a submissive populace cannot co-exist.

    Brad Steele
  • NeoBlackdogNeoBlackdog Member Posts: 14,467 ✭✭✭✭

    Good ol' 'New York' Ron Wyden from Oregone... Go figure. The man's an idiot and hasn't truly lived in Oregone for years.

  • spasmcreeksrunspasmcreeksrun Member Posts: 1,762 ✭✭✭

    i lose faith in our govt every day these bozos prove they cannot hold a real and productive job ....Mr.ketchup is a good example

  • chiefrchiefr Member Posts: 12,848 ✭✭✭✭

    Why am I not surprised at this. The same party that wants to forgive all college debt, free healthcare, gave us earned income credit and lets not forget UBI universal basic income, open borders with benefits for non taxpaying illegal aliens. Welcome to DEMOCRAT parties plan for a guaranteed lifetime of benefits for doing absolutely nothing but vote DEMOCRAT.

    Guess who is going to pay for it.

    We are on a fast pace downward spiral where parasites soon will far outnumber their hosts.

  • BrookwoodBrookwood Member, Moderator Posts: 10,909 ******

    Going to all this trouble to gain more votes must mean they are having trouble sleeping at night for how the votes were counted in the last election.

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