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Bows in Simi Valley, CA considered firearms? Weird local law, or BS myth?


Currently I own a compound bow as a resident in Arizona, but my work may soon require me to have a short stint of work (less than 60 days) in Simi Valley. Given the more restrictive laws regarding firearms, I intend to keep all of them at my residency in AZ, but I wish to at least bring my compound bow with me.

However, upon checking on Simi Valley laws, I noticed some threads purporting that a compound bow is considered a firearm in the locality.

And indeed, when looking at Bassproshop's policy, they indeed refuse to sell bows or archery accessories to Simi Valley residents.

Is this something I need to worry about? Is Bassproshop just pulling it out of their behinds, or is this an actual thing? I can't find any official site mentioning city ordinance that actually mentions the legality of bows in Simi Valley.


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