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Robert Hanssen master spy arrested 2k

bitlockerbitlocker Member Posts: 250
edited April 16 in Politics

He was promoted by his boss Freeh director of the FBI. Do you think he would alert the US gov if he found a Russian spy bringing a suitcase bomb into the US from Bosnia? 1995/96


  • nmyersnmyers Member Posts: 16,767 ✭✭✭✭

    He can do nothing; he is serving a life sentence at USP Florence Admax.

    He made a deal with the FBI; in return for giving his wife his government pension, he told the FBI everything that he knew. By that time, most of the FBI & CIA sources had been terminated with extreme prejudice.


  • bitlockerbitlocker Member Posts: 250

    FBI "He didn't tell us everything ,so didn't qualify for a lesser sentence"

  • bitlockerbitlocker Member Posts: 250

    20 years of seriously damaging espionage (including our agents were identified and executed) to help people like Putin grab Russian assets is not ok and should not be smoothed over. + possibly nukes on board.

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