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How is this possible in an auction?

ItsOxideItsOxide Member Posts: 2
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I’m new to GB so I’m not sure what’s going on here. I had the highest bid on a rifle for a while, then of course, I got outbid. So I decided to bid again, but higher than the top bid. The second I sent my bid, someone had already outbid me. I tried this several times but I’m always outdone somehow. Is it a bot or perhaps are there ways to place bids in advance?


  • ItsOxideItsOxide Member Posts: 2

    Also. I placed a bid of 750, it says I’m not winning but still says 750 is the top bid currently. What?

  • toad67toad67 Member Posts: 12,813 ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 28

    Whoever put 750 as a bid first, gets that number. I'd bet if you bid $755 you'd be on top...for a short while anyway. I'd guess that the other bidder at $750 had that as their max bid when they first entered it, and the autobid feature took over.

    Scroll down to autobid.

  • dunbarboyzdunbarboyz Member Posts: 1,806 ✭✭✭✭

    You need to crank her up and smoke that dude.

  • BobJudyBobJudy Member Posts: 6,201 ✭✭✭✭

    When you put in your max bid, it will continues bidding the minimum amount necessary to maintain the top spot until the amount you punch in is exhausted. If someone's max bid was $750 before you bid that amount, his prior bid wins. He may have made that max bid 20 minutes ago or when the auction started last week.

    Quite often, I will see something I want and place my max bid the first day something is listed. Over the course of the auction every time someone bids more than the bid showing, the system will automatically increase my bid by the minimum amount, putting me back as high bid. It will do this until my max is reached. Simple, bid once and forget it and let the system do the work. Bob

  • montanajoemontanajoe Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 56,971 ******

    Yep, autobid got you.

    Thanks @toad67 & @BobJudy for your help.

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