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TIKKA 308 . . final

jb4lcmjb4lcm Member Posts: 119 ✭✭
edited August 2023 in General Discussion

I finally got back out to the range today after removing the Vortex scope and replacing it with my old Bausch & Lomb 4x9 to see if the problem is the rifle or the scope.

100 yards, Winchester Deer Season XP 150 gr poly tipped.

The first set of 5 rounds were cold BBL, all fired within 2 minutes. The scope was NOT zero'd at all.

After firing the first 5 rounds I walked up the 100 yards and took the photo, noting the approx adjustment needed to zero in the scope: 1" UP and 4" RIGHT.

The second set of 5 rounds took place within 10 minutes of the first 5, and all 5 rounds fired within 2 minutes. Note: The scope was adjusted.

Both sets of 5 shots had 3 rounds SUB-MOA.

For those of you who have helped me in this process (thank you!) and remember the previous results with the vortex scope, I believe I can safely conclude that the Vortex scope has failed.



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