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The Tesla Cybertruck

NotDraconNotDracon Member Posts: 66 ✭✭

So, the Cybertruck's been out for several months now and it looks like the "I told you so" crowd has already seen themselves vindicated, if the initial reports are anything to go by.

Biggest concern since its announcement was the solid "exoskeleton" exterior and bullet-resistant glass, which raised the question of what would happen to its occupants in the event of a crash or a need to extract them. Well, the first part's been answered: the Cybertruck seems to shrug off collisions while its passengers take the brunt of the crash. A few news stories have already reported on intact Cybertrucks breaking its driver's bones while the other car gets totally wrecked- the driver walking out relatively unscathed. Apparently several decades of research into crumple zones weren't enough to convince Elon of their need. As for the other half, there hasn't been an incident where a Cybertruck driver needs to be pried out of their tank by fire fighters but it's only a matter of time for it to happen.

Another aspect of the Cybertruck that's showing its faults has been the wiring system. Did you know the Cybertruck uses gigabit ethernet cabling with a 48v power + data CAN bus to every component, all on the SAME cable? This reduced total wiring by 77% and used 1/2 the copper it originally did! It uh… also means that if one component fails, multiple other components that were strung to it also fail. In a catastrophic case, the whole car could shut down if the "right" component burnt out. Think about old Christmas lights and how the string would turn off if a single bulb failed. There is ZERO redundancy in its wiring system, and there's at least one report out there of a crash that happened because the steering wheel and brakes failed to respond to controls.

I sincerely doubt we have any Elon fans here, but I haven't been lurking enough to know. That's just an assumption based on the general "vibe" I've been getting off these boards.



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