night time bass fishing

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wat are you techniques? i guess my favorite would have to be the buzzbait. and the worm and spiner bait battleing for 2nd?


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    Well JP, you left out my favorites. I just returned from wading the middle of a small river, casting poppers with a fly rod.

    And yep, I do it in the dark as well, although you have to be very careful not to get caught up and lose your lure. And you have to listen carefully for that strike.

    In a little less than an hour tonight, I caught 3 or 4 rock bass, the largest only 8 inches long, several medium sized bream and one 2lb or so, bass. That's pretty much a repeat of a similar outing, same river, two nights ago.

    And I got lots of bites from mosquitos as well, since they seem to prefer Avon's SKIN SO SOFT repellent more than just plain sweat.

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    Big White Spinnerbait or Large Blue Fox inline spinner. They can be fished on the surface, just below the surface or as deep as I want to run them.....
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    I do alot of night fishing for bass we actually do a night tournament ever year best time is the dog days of summer when the water is real warm I usualy catch some of my biggest fish of the year at night one of my favorite lures would be the old jitterbug nothing better then hearing a big pig blow up on your bait this year a caught a 6.5lb largie on a jitterbug around midnight. up here in new hampshire thats a pig of a larry
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    During the summer here on Lake Ozarks night time is the only time. During the day it is boat city and even at night you really have to be careful. I consider our water color to be good 3 ft vis.
    during the summer we fish big worms 10" or bigger in a dark color I perfer Black Blue Fleck Power Worms- Watermellon with red fleck is also popular. Color is not as important to me confidence. in the summer I fish a lot of 25-35" brush piles on points. Lake Ozark was cleared of timber when built 75 years ago so all of the structure is just about all man made. I have spent countless hours placing brush piles out. Boat docks are real good also and lord knows we have lots of them over 40,000 I have heard. Best fishing here at the lake in my book is late Jan Feb and March fishing suspending jerk baits fished real slow. It is not uncommen for a bass tournament to take a 5 fish limit of 25 lbs plus to get in the money. The lake rarely freezes but the weather sometimes can be colder than a well diggers. I usually fish every day that the temp is above freezing and the wind is not blowing a hundred miles an hour. You have to have some wind to get the jerk bait bite to work.
    There are many great places to stay. If at all possible try to hit this lake during the week and avoid the crowds.
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    I do 80% or more of my fishing at night pretty much all season. I fish for striped bass, which have a lot of similarities with largemouth in how they act. They like to hide near structure and ambush bait.
    I use wooden swimming plugs(either yellow or dark like black or dark purple) and dark colored sluggos the most. The 9 inch sluggos work well. I've caught a striped bass on a 9 inch sluggo that was prolly 15 inches or less. "wasn't sure if he was trying to eat it or f#$% it" is the joke about that :P Sometimes i use a bucktail streamer as a teaser in front of a larger wooden plug, sometimes i use a small sluggo as a teaser.
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    We fish A lot of Night tournaments here in KY. We use I green pmpkin jig with a summer crawl trailer or a zoom baby brush hog in watermelon cotton candy.
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    I don't do much night fishing. I've had too many 'gators sneak up on me!
    If I were in a boat I wouldn't worry too much about it, but fishing from a dock with the water right up to dock level, they crawl right up there with you !!!

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