My New Love!!

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Went fishing at Lake Shabbona a couple sundays ago. With my new bass boat. All the toys too. Live well,trolling motor with depth finder,electric anchor,electric winch a 25hp and 9.9 motor.

Here's a few pics of the catch.






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    I'm thinking filets, cut kind of smallish, dredged in Zatarain's Fish Fry (or cornmeal with a little flour, salt and pepper added), and deep-fried in peanut oil at 360 degrees until golden brown.

    Add to that a batch of crinkly fries, hushpuppies, mayo cole slaw, white beans (with a few red pepper flakes added) and a big slice of white onion....and you'd have a classic Catfish (I always capitalize Catfish) dinner fit for a king.

    And oh yeah, the boat looks great too!

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    Good looking cats. A plus on the boat too! [8D]
    What's next?
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    Looks like fun to me.
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