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Vintage Lures

SuspensionSuspension Member Posts: 4,783
edited January 2009 in The Fishing Hole!
Anyone good at putting a value on old lures?
1.Al Foss Shimmy no 5 with original tin
2.Creek Chub Bait Company 3411 snook pikie (special order color) original box, is stamped with NRA logo
3. Pflueger Phantom Minnow
4. Heddon Punkinseed
5. Heddon Dowagiac tadpolly with heart shaped plate & L-rig hardware
6. Heddon tadpolly *
7. Heddon River Runt
8. Heddon wounded * 9149XRY, props no stamped, original box.
9. Creek Chub Bait Company baby jointed pikie 2700
10. Paw-Paw something
plus 16 other misc stuff



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