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Flyrod & automatic reel giveaway

AdamsQuailHunterAdamsQuailHunter Member Posts: 1,678 ✭✭✭
edited June 2008 in The Fishing Hole!
Hello Everyone

In honor of "cheeze" sending me an envelope stuffed full of American porcupine quills and also reaching the heady heights of becoming a "senior" member of GunBroker Forums, I am going to give away a 5 weight fly rod and automatic fly reel. I am not a fan of automatic reels. They work OK on small crappie, bream, warmouth and small bass, but if you hit a "golly whoumper" of a bass or catfish you can't "put him on the reel" and instead must try to control him by using your fingers and trapping the fly line between your fingers and the grip of the rod. Will "rope burn" your fingers and gets even worse if he takes lines down to the braided nylon backing.

Please send me your name, mailing address, physical address if different from the mailing address and phone number. Use the e-mail function of GunBroker. If you send me nothing except your screen name and please count me in ---- I will delete you from consideration. Your name will NOT go in the plastic bucket. At the end of a week, I will have one of the church elders pull a name from the plastic bucket. The only catch is reimbursing me for postage to get the rod and reel to you and extract a promise from you WON'T put the rod and reel up for sale but use it fishing..

Good Luck
Steve Adams


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