New pick to head VA

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Probably a fine officer and trauma surgeon, but he's completely unqualified to lead the VA. To me, his only qualifications are that he lied his butt off about Trump's physical. At the time I wondered if his performance was so over the top that he was sending a coded message. The honorable thing for this Dr is to refuse and retire from the Navy. There's no way that he could have the management experience or skills to run the VA, let alone improve it.


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    Just what qualifications is he missing to head the VA?

    Link to Trumps actual physical condition please.

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    It's like giving a ball team's bat boy the managers job.
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    Or, appointing your coke dealer to be head of the DEA. That's a joke.

    But, then we have an amway saleswoman who's never been to a public school running the Dept of Education. Eye Surgeon running HHS.

    I'm skeptical that Trump is 6'3" and 239lbs. He may have the genes to survive on a diet of junk food, but svelte he ain't.
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