Constitutional carry for Colorado?

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Bill that would allow concealed carry of handgun without permit passes Colorado State Senate.

DENVER ? A bill that would allow the concealed carry of a handgun without a permit or training passed the Colorado State Senate on a party-line vote on Thursday.

18 Republicans voted in favor of the bill while 16 Democrats and one independent voted against it.

The bill would allow anyone who legally owns a handgun to carry a concealed handgun in Colorado.

Under this bill, the person would have the same rights and limitations as one with a permit to carry a concealed handgun under current law. The current law restricts carrying of concealed handguns on certain property such as public schools.

The bill is sponsored by Republican Sen. Tim Neville and Republican Rep. Kevin Van Winkle.

The bill now moves to the House.

Not that I hold out much hope. But who knows?
Doesn't have much of a chance without the NRA's help, ya know.


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    Will the Governor sign that?
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    AS liberal as Colorado has become with the influx of the california liberal loons, better chance of getting ice water in hell IMO.
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