.50 Bullet Molds

RochelleRochelle Member Posts: 30 ✭✭
I am trying to get a .50 caliber Swedish Rolling Block shooting again. I am looking for a bullet mold for shooting at aprox 1500 yds/meters.
Bullet real close to .513 dia. aprox 400 gr.or higher, with the highest coefficient possiable. Sharp nosed (less air resisant)with hollow base (makes for longer side walls with less weight). From looking at the major suppliers there isn't much selection.

I know this isn't the best selection of caliber, nor was the rifle designed for extreme long range but I have found if you tickle their belly a little and talk nice to them I can expect to hit a 4ftX4ft steel at 1500 yds most of the time.(on a nice day)

Any references that you think will help will be appreciated.

Thank, Dan


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