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NCSA range development

5.565.56 Member Posts: 51 ✭✭
Now that Camp Perry is a done deal we are expanding our scope of operations. I have been in contact with 3 military bases and I am working on the details to get us into the following bases. Fort McCoy, WI Fort Knox, KY and Fort Hood, TX

Folks who are interested in getting onboard with us please feel free to contact me or come to our website and forums to contact us.

All have 1,000 yard ranges. The jewel will be Fort Hood which has infantry pop up targets at distance up to 2,000 yards.
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  • 5.565.56 Member Posts: 51 ✭✭
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    More information as Follows.

    First Contact has been made at Fort Drum, NY I have the powers to be asking if soldjers would be welcome to shoot with us. The answer.......OF Course!

    They have a 500 yard range available with electronic scoring. This is not a 1,000 yards but it is a place to shoot at 500 yards. I will keep you folks posted as we progress. Please feel free to drop in on out forums for information as well.

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    We already have access to the Fort Knox Scott Mountain Range as well as a pistol range there. The Kentucky State Rifle and Pistol Association sponsors High Power Rifle matches there through spring, summer, and into August. We hold the Kentucky State High Power Rifle match there every year as well as a full schedule of 1000 yard matches. We host a Garand Clinic in the spring and a Garand Match twice a year. [email protected] can give you more information. We will have the 2008 schedule posted on our site in a few days. There is also rumors that a new range is going in at the Louisville Rifle and Revolver Club, just south of Louisville, KY. Best of luck with the other ranges. If I can assist further please let me know. Dennymac
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