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Rifle Case Cleaning

bambambambambambam Member Posts: 4,810 ✭✭✭
Does case cleanliness effect chamber pressure significatly. In other words, does the inability of the case to grip the chamber walls from dirty cases cause pressure to go up/down?

I really don't clean my cases all that methodicly. Just a dip in water/vinegar, rinse, wipe, and let dry.


  • jonkjonk Member Posts: 10,121
    edited November -1
    Case cleanliness doesn't impact the grip on firing (unless still having case lube on them!) but a dirty case can and eventually will scratch up your chamber.

    Your method is fine, I do the same myself. So long as soot, range dirt, and case lube are removed, they don't have to be purty.
  • deadeye46deadeye46 Member Posts: 553 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    buy a tumbler,clean brass doesnt hurt loading dies,just a thought,i sure do like my Lyman 2500
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