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EHD. yeah that.

bang250bang250 Member Posts: 8,021
The thing that i was worried and then not worried about. Yep! that's the one! It'* me...yeah ME!...[;)] Yep I'm complaing about MY hunting(sarcasm here). My little tree line that has soooo much potential. That has quality, aged deer on it. That is crazy right now due to harvest. We found 6 dead deer in 1 field today!! One more up the creek, and 3 to the south a bit. That's 10 in a 3mile (as a crow fly) dead deer. I'm stupid sad, one was a monster which I should get a pic of if he can figure out email. We did a little field search and the guy that found that big one called me 30 mins later to say he found one even bigger. It sucks, its sad, but its mother nature.
get the pics up soon as I can


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