Missed last night...

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I missed my only shot this whole season last night. Problems started early. I sprained my ankle on the way to the stand. Not that bad but made the walk and climb miserable. Then while I was pulling up my bow, the rope snaged some brush and the bow swung into the tree (I blame my miss on that). I cut some more branches and climbed a little higher than I did before and saw deer while doing so. At about 4:00, so not dark, this 10 point buck is walking the creek bottom and starts up a trail to a field to feed. I took my shot as he got to the field entrance and shot under and infront of him. He ran, but only 30 or so yards and went back to feeding.
A real disapointing night for me to have missed, but great to see the deer. That makes 30 deer in 2 nights of sitting. I only have 3 more possible days to hunt, weather permiting, with my work schedule. I will be back out!


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    Good luck. Hate to hear that you missed but that's the way it goes in our sport. All you can do is keep trying and it'll happen.

    Semper Fi!
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    sorry to hesr you missed...[:0] I,ll bet the deer is happy[;)]... better luck next time out. he's most likly gonna hang in that area if the feed is good maybe you will get another chance .. GOOD luck[:)]

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    Are you shooting a hoyt[?]...Sorry Slash I had to ask that.[:D]
    Give it time You'll get him.[;)]

    1 shot is all ya get so make it a " SUREKILL " (T/C Encore-/-Contender/ MATHEWS SWITCHBACK Shooter)
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    surekill I sure do shoot a Hoyt! Other wise when the bow hit the tree I would have had to take it to the Mathews emergency room. The Hoyt will survive with some home remedies.
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    [:D][:D][:D] Well it sucks, but we're all going to miss some! But to capitalize on what you said it has to feel great seeing all those deer and having a great hunt![^]

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