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how come there are quite a few different prices on the colt how can they go from $350 to $1600 how do you know what the difference i want to buy one and cant figure it out.


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    First, Colt has, or had two different models, the Single Action Army, or Model P, and the recent Cowboy Model. The SAA was built in America and featured a hand fitted action. The much cheaper Cowboy was a European copy imported by Colt (and not nearly the same quality as the $1200 Model P)...then there are the collector's pieces with vastly elevated prices (not usually recommended for shooting).
    Then there are the clones, foreign-built and sold under makers' and distributors' names. You have Uberti/Beretta, Taurus, EMF, Dixie Gun Works, Taylor's and Navy Arms, for example. It seems to be the general consensus of opinion that the Uberti-made single actions are the best of the European copies. Still, they're not hand-fitted like the American-made Colts.
    This gives you a wide range of prices, so you can tailor your artillery choice to fit your budget. Pretty much the best advice I've heard regarding which to choose is to get the best you can afford. The cheapest models are often more of a headache regarding parts breakage and wear, getting out of time or loose and repairs. They also tend to have gritty and heavy trigger and hammer pulls.
    You can often save money buying used guns (though NOT, it seems, with the original Model P - they just keep going up in price!). Look for a smooth, crisp action, tight cylinder lockup and decent metal and wood fit and finish.
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