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what is the diff. in pouring 120gr of black powder down the barrel
and seating 50gr bullet on top of it, and shooting the same in a cart.
reason for the ques. is i keep hearing the front stuffer is good for 200-250 yds and i have heard all my life about the great long range
shots from the big fiftiy.


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    First of all, it would be a .50 CAL. bullet, not a 50 gr.

    There are plenty of muzzle loading loaders that are capable of incredible accuracy, even by todays standards.

    "The accuracy of the Whitworth rifle was estimated from the following facts, a figure of merit of 10.5 inches has been obtained at a range of 1,000 yards, 20 shots being fired. At a range of 500 yards it is a common thing to obtain a mean deviation of 3 to 5 inches, from my mechanical rest in the gallery, with 20 shots." - Rifle Trials at Hythe in 1857.

    Most people today would be happy with a 3" group at 100 yards, much less a 20 shot 3" group at 500 yards.
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    The .50-140 is kind of a freak monster cartridge, few made because it was too late for the buffalo hunt and kicked too hard for long range target shooting. If you could stand it, a 700 grain paper patch bullet would have a lot longer effective and accurate range than a saboted pistol bullet driven by pelletized fake powder advertised for 200 yards. A darn sight faster to reload, too.

    What serious Long Range BPCR shooters use for thousand yard shooting is .45-90 or .45-100; with 540 grain bullets and 85-95 grains of real black powder.

    dcinffxva, the Whitworth (and other "smallbore" British rifles) was accurate, but a "mean deviation of 3 to 5 inches" is not a three inch group. It is a statisitical measure that usually represents a group of three or four times that much. So he was shooting into maybe a foot group size at 500 yards.
    "In the gallery." Mr Whitworth had money, he built a 500 yard indoor range to test his theories out of the wind and English rain.
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    Thanks for the correction. I wasn't exactly correct in my assessment of the data, but the way I shoot, I'd still be pretty happy about a 20 round, 1 foot group at 500 yards [:D]

    Still, there were/are some very accurate muzzleloaders floating around, and some very accurate marksmen behind them.
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