Another Patch Question????

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whats the difference between the lubed and un-lubed?

beside the fact that one is lubed and the other is not.

why use one or the other?


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    the difference is whether you buy them lubed, or lub them yourself. They will all be lubed before they are used, even with only spit as was often done back when. I have seen patches lubed with TC bore butter, lard and various concoctions. I have used Bore Butter and a hot sunny day to lube patches, I have heated the bore butter and have bought them lubed. That is the easiest, though it is a little cheaper to use the sun. I live in the high desert, but the car dashboard mentioned below is a great idea![^]
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    and the difference between "pillow tick" patches and plain patches is...

    man I sound like a dumbarse

    This is my first experience with prb's, I have always shot conicals in my inline. I would hate to stuff the wrong thing down the barrel and pull the trigger. I wish there where more BP shooters around here. Everyone I know shoots PB's and conicals out of their rifles

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    I lube the sheet first, then punch. My new recipe is;

    1 part Lyman's black powder gold
    1/2 part beef tallow
    1/20 part extra vigin olive oil

    Whip it in your wife's mixer ( then take the * kickin')

    spread it on the sheet of patch material

    scrape off excess

    and punch away.

    I've also seen it whiped on, dunked in hot lube, and my grandad's way of a little pork fat around the muzzle, which I don't recommend because you won't sneak up on anything and it smells like hell mixed with black powder smoke.[B)]

    I know try spit, it's easier.
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    If I am target shooting I use spit. Otherwise I use bore butter. If you are not going to shoot that much, might be easier to buy the prelubed.

    All patches should be cotton. Pillow ticking is usually thicker than most at about .018. My gun likes the .018 thick patches, but does not do too bad with .015.
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    Wow i guess i have learned a lot this year about BP shooting. I asked a question about patch thickness earlier this year. After reading that post I realized how green I was. You can learn a ton by reading the posts and getting to the range with other BP shooters.
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    > Make your patches when wife is coming home soon!
    > Forget to air out oven, kitchen, and house looooooong before wife is due home!
    > Forget to take them out of the oven, and turn off the oven!
    > Don't watch football, start mounting a new scope, or switch between football & hunting shows

    I'll let you just imagine what can happen. After the second time...I had to get my own toaster oven. Now use it to dry, clean, coat parts in the barn, and keep my beloved wife happy.

    Switched to pre lubed, and cut for convience.
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    I've done the stack of patches with some lube on top in a small metal box ... put on the dashboard on a hot day and they all come out lubed just fine!

    I got into BP about five years ago ... I think it is a blast (a blast with smoke! [:D] )
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    i use crisco for lube, seasons the bore real nice[;)]
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    "Gun&Glass is a wise man.[;)]
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    Does everyone use precut patches. I cut my patch just after I seat the ball in the muzzle and before I use the short starter. I cut the patch off flush with the muzzle using a patch knife or pocket knife.

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    Your method is common, fast and works.

    Patches are very, very important. Think of them like the piston ring in an internal combustion engine.

    Accuracy requires they be of a: Proper material, Correct thickness, Same size, Correct lube, Correctly lubed,....all the time.

    I use precut simply for the above, and convience.
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    Patches!? We don't need no stinking patches!

    Seriously though, all of what G&G said is why I switched to shooting mini's and maxi's in my traditional guns.
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