Hopkins & Allen Underhammers

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Anybody know of anyone selling kits of this gun. Looks like my man in Washington no longer is selling kits. I may still go with him and get my own barrel and sights. (Sure looks like Bruce still is willing to help me ... just no more complete kits are available from him.)

Is Green Mountain the best way to go? (I'm thinking of getting a 15/16" .50 cal 42 inches long from Green Mountain.)

What sight combination do you like?


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    I was as surprised as you will be ... when you go to place your order for the $255.00!

    I have been looking at this website for over two years, and I must say doing a bit of drooling, too. A couple years ago I started contact with Bruce Lingenfelter and told him what I wanted ... and that I was saving money!

    Then a couple weeks ago I sent him my "order" and he responded that he has not been sell Hopkins & Allen Underhammer kits for a year and a half or so. Bummer!

    He is going to help me out, but I am going to have to do some of the scrounging up of things and get what I can from him. Oh well, that may get me into a better barrel ... though I will have to dig deeper into my pockets.

    I've looked into some left-handed cap locks, but the price is way up there, too. (way up there ... compared to Bruce's Hopkins & Allen Underhammer kits!) Plus, I think I'm kind of taken by the underhammer mystique! So a left handed cap lock seems rather mundane. Looks like I was dreamin' a tad too long! I am not giving up ... I' am now getting my parts ordering lined up.
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    There is still the Billinghurst.
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