Ruger Vaquero Old VS New

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looking to buy a vaquero 45 but not sure one a new model ore the old one any suggestions or pros and cons.


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    If you want to hear from allot of people that shoot the Vaquero's, both old and new, I would suggest going over to the Sass forum.


    Not bashing this one, but there are far more folks with lots of experience there than here. I have a pair of the old ones in .357. Don't have any experience w/ 45 or the new model. All I can say is that Rugers are the way to go. My guns have had thousands of rounds through them and other than a small casualty every once in a rare while, they are the bomb. Superb pistol
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    the "Old" model can handle hotter loads but is much heavier and bulkier than the "New" Vaquero. The new one is nearly identical in size and weight to the Colt Single Action Army. I bought a stainless steel one with a 4 5/8" barrel and love it!
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    Don't buy the new ones if you are of the mindset that "Rugers can handle anything". Like Spider said, the new ones have lighter frames that aren't as tough as the original Vaquero frames. Also, the New Vaquero has one of these key-lock safeties under the grip panel. I won't buy one as it is my personal rule NOT to buy from any company that puts a key-lock safety on their gun. It plays into the hands of the Clinton/Schumer types. I had a negative experience with a Remington 597 that had one of these installed. I refuse to buy a handgun with one of these features because the last thing I want is yet ANOTHER feature designed to cause a gun NOT to fire.

    People like Gary Reeder (Reeder Custom Guns) who are in the business of customizing single action Rugers for hunting or defense guns capable of handling their wildcat loads refuse to work on the New Vaquero because the new frames can't be made to stand up to such loads. Ruger just ditched one of the things that always made a Ruger a Ruger.
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    Really it is a mater of preference, I have both in 45. Each one has pros and cons. The old one has to be lightened on the hammer and sometimes the trigger. This is common with the original vaquero but can be done for a ok price and if you are good with tools and patience you can do it. As stated before the gun his heaver, but can take a real beating like a Hellcat fighter plane. With the new model it is lighter and the grips are thinner which can be good or bad on how you shoot and grip. I found that with my hands I had to replace the grips with thicker ones, due to my grip. Also, because it is lighter it can't take the same type of abuse that the old model could, no heavy loads. The trigger and hammer are quite good out of the box and will get better with a bit of use. Really it is a coin toss or what you want.
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    If you are using factory loads the new model will be fine.
    If you want one that can do it all get an old style If you want one built to its full potential Check out WWW.dustinlinebaugh.com hand built converted to the best specs not by 50 employees by one professionals hands tell him John sent you
    Thanks John<{{{><
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    I agree with AK Guide. If you are a SASS competition shooter, go with the New Vaquero. If you carry one in Griz Country, as I do, go with the old and stuff it with +Ps. I love my Old Model, but it has nothing like the balance of the original Colt.
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