Where are they made? Dixie Gun Works/Cabelas

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Ok...I've been wanting a Hawken-style ML percussion rifle for over a year now. I've actually got a little bidding war going on over an almost-new T/C Renegade. We'll see where that goes. I don't like the idea of buying a used ML and I've placed my highest bid and there's still five day so I'll probably lose that one. Oh well. No big deal.

On to my question.

I know that the "Cabelas Traditional Hawken" is made in Italy. By Pedersoli I believe. First of all, it makes me feel DIRTY inside to think that I would buy something that should be so inherently American when it is actually made in Italy. That aside, are these rifles quality ML rifles?

Secondly (and MOST IMPORTANTLY), I am looking at the Dixie Gun Works website:


This rifle looks EXACTLY like the Italian-made Hawken sold by Cabelas. Does anyone know if this rifle is made in America or Italy?

Quite frankly, I'd like to buy an American made Hawken-style rifle. However, it seems that the Italians are making all of these reproduction BP firearms and other companies are buying them and slapping their names on them.

Is this Italian-made stuff any good? Who makes the Dixie Hawken--America or Italy? Is there a quality American-made Hawken-style rifle out there?

Thanks everyone.


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    Pedersoli is up there in quality. Last I heard CVA was Spanish made and not so hot.
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    quote:Originally posted by Blckhrn
    Pedersoli is up there in quality. Last I heard CVA was Spanish made and not so hot.

    I guess that pretty much takes the "CV" out of "CVA".

    It just feels wrong buying a Hawken made in Italy. I might save up some money (after buying a cheap Hawken) and have one of those dandy American-made custom Hawkens done up for me.
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    Buy the Thompson Center Hawken.
    Made in America.
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    I have one of the Cabela's Hawkens...I've had it for several years and its top quality but, yes, made in Italy. Don't remember the maker but have heard that it's the same gun Lyman puts their name on.
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    I just got a message from Dixie Gunworks. NONE of their Hawken-style rifles are made in America [:0]
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    Dixie Gun Works' catalog (the paper one) tells you the manufacturer of most if not all the guns they have for sale. Dixie and Navy Arms both started in the 1950's importing Belgian and Italian reproductions.
    TVA (Tennessee Valley Arms, IIRC) builds some nice pieces in America, very distinctive and well-made.
    Thompson Center manufactures in the U.S., as has already been mentioned.
    Most of the rest are imported.
    For a made-in-America traditional-style muzzleloader other than TVA or T/C, you'll probably have to go to a custom or semi-custom shop.
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    There are many private makers in TN and Kentucky that make some fine ones. Unfortunately, they are expensive. If it's a one time deal and you expect to keep it for many years, that's the way to go.

    Dixie has lots of the hand made ones for sale, but you need to either visit or buy one of their antique arms catalogs. Or..I might have a few around someplace, outdated ones. I could look up something for you just to give you an idea. Expect to pay over a grand for a TN or KY handmade one.
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