Butler 22 derringer

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does anyone know of a 22 short derringer made by butler, USA. I am looking at a set of four, butcan find no reference as to when they were made, how many, value,etc. any help would be appreciated


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    Butler was a subcontractor to Colt, circa late 50's early 70's approximately. The derringers were made of potmetal with steel liner in barrel and internal parts. They were sold by Colt as the Lord and Lady in a fancy box. The one with the just the Butler name not likely to bring in as much money as those sold under the Colt name.

    Check the on-line auctions, the Colt Lord and Lady are common and show up often on them. My WAG is the ones with just the Butler name would be valued between 50% & 75% of the Colt.
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    If by "looking at" you really mean "considering buying", I suggest you walk away unless they are dirt cheap (i.e., < $25). As R-S says, they are poorly made; value is low if mint, lower if fired or even handled (the plating is about 1 micron thick & can easily be rubbed off just by touching).

    Butler made some of these in black powder. They also made some in "non gun" configuration, minus the recoil plate. Be sure that the guns you are looking at are functional .22 shorts.


    The COLT version:

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