m.o.a. values

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hi all, i have a leopold straight 6X scope, 40mm o.l. and under the windage/elevation caps it is written 2 m.o.a. what is the value of each line between the whole numbers stamped on the adjustment rings under the caps. thanks in advance


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    count em and divide
    if there are 4 between (which i am guessing) each is .5moa
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    ...keeping in mind that what it should be, and what it is, may not be exactly the same.
    I usually bench rest mine at 100 or 200 yards, shoot a 5 or 10 shot group, then dial 10 clicks or lined units up (or down) and the same to the left or right. Then measure ctc on your groups and if the value is different than you expected, scratch or paint the values on the inside of the caps.
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