Ruger 77 Tang Safety Hollow Bolt Handle

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Looking at an older Ruger tang safety .30-06, pre warning bbl., has factory sights, but the bolt handle has what looks like a factory hole in it, similiar to the hollow bolt handle of the winchester featherweight model 70's. All of the Ruger 77's I have seen seem to have a solid bolt handle. This 77 is not a flat bolt. It does not seem to have extra fancy wood nor does it have a black forearm tip of the express rifles. I did not check to verify if the serial # on the bolt matched the rifle #. Did Ruger hollow out a hole in the bolt handle at one time on their standard 77 rifles? Thanks for any replies.


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    Yes, Ruger did make a "hollow bolt" M77 for a short time. It was after the flat bolt and before the round bolt. It would be a 70- prefix gun.

    The long action hollow bolts are rare.

    The 30-06 you are looking at would be:

    M77RS with a SN in the 70-25178 to 70-37590 range. 1971

    Hope that helps.
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