Browning Safari Bolt Rifle

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I would like to know the TPI and diameter of the threads on a long action Belgian Browning Safari bolt rifle barrel. These are the "step" barrels. Thanks, Mike


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    The only dimensions give in de Haas's book are for F.N..222 Bench Rest Action. They are the same as for 98 Mauser. 1.100 O. D., 12 "V" TPI, 5/8 length.
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    Have you called Browning??
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    Mauser threads make sense as many early Brownings were built on Mauser 98 receivers and a "step barrel" would suggest an early version. What kind of serial number does it have? Pictures would be good, especially of the receiver area.
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    Rufe- That is what I suspicion, using my DeHass book. I haven't called Browning, Duck, and probably won't. I don't own the rifle yet Ern 98, but Item # 72833657 will suffice for pictures. I think these were made 1959 to 72 or so. I have a Sako action safari in 243 and one in 308. Those are 16 TPI and 1.00. Sorry I can't be of more help.Regards, Mike
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