Suitability of M-14 for hunting?

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Hi all! I am on the verge of buying a new hunting rifle and started mulling over the possibility of picking up a M-14 for this purpose. I live in Missouri and hunting situations down here are typically shots under 100 yards, through the woods, and 200 pound deer.My question is twofold.1) How suitable is the M-14 for this type of hunting situation? Are there restrictions as to the type of weapon that can be used?2) What are the absolute limits of the .308 (7.62 NATO) cartridge that will kill a deer humanely. (ie range, downrange energy, trajectory, etc.)Any hints or information would be greatly appreciated! :-)Brian


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    this wouldnt be my first choice, but the cartridge is certainly big enough and if you like the rifle and shoot it well, why not? i think most states limit the magazine capacity of semi-auto hunting rifles but check with your state fish and game department.
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    You can check the regulations for Missouri at http://www.conservation.state.mo.us/
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    Man, I love the M-14. Even slept with one for several months. But a deer rifle - it isn't. And I have used the M-14 for deer hunting. It is too heavy, poorly balanced, and generally awkward in deer country. Like I said, Man, I love the M-14. But if I had to make up a list of suitable deer rifles, the M-14 wouldn't even make the first page. As far as the suitability of the cartridge for deer hunting - not a thing wrong with the cartridge.Best.......!
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    Thanks, all!OK, maybe I was a little misguided. The other rifle I was looking at was the Remington 700 BDL chambered for one of the RUM cartridges. Has anybody fired a Ultra Mag cartridge with the BDL SS? What is the recoil like? I hunt with a old 30-06 light contour bolt action carbine (ala mountain rifle)
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    Wow, select-fire deer rifles! A burst of .308 should take down the toughest 200-pound deer! Could it be we are talking about a semi-automatic M1A instead of a select-fire M14? I shall assume the former.While it might be a bit unusual, an M1A will work fine for a deer rifle. However, the .308 is perhaps a bit overpowered for such small deer, but proper load selection could solve that problem.The M1A is big and heavy, and probably would have to have a five-round magazine for legal hunting, but it would work for deer hunting. (There is a short-barrel M1A that would be handier.) When I opened this subject, I assumed a "one rifle" man was wondering if his M1A would work for deer hunting, rather than someone looking for a comparison of a military-based semi-automatic to a sporting bolt action. It may be hard to understand consideration of two rifles so different, but I like the idea of considering something other than the usual bolt action. Everybody has a bolt action for hunting, but how many carry an M1A?If you can only buy one rifle for all purposes, the M1A would be my choice because of its superior defense capabilities. I am surprised that bolt actions continue to be so popular when there are semi-automatics that are just as accurate as the standard sporting bolt actions. It is like using manual typewriters instead of word-processing computers, or prop airliners instead of jets. Besides tradition, a big part of that continuing bolt action popularity may be the control of the brass for reloading, but why not have the versitility of easier repeat shots and removable box magazines if the accuracy is the same? Sometimes it is fun to be different too.Let us know what you select and why.
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    I have a 338 ultra mag in 700 bdl.The recoil is a little harsh,but you will not even feel it under field conditions.Mind over matter.As for stoping power.This is way more than you will ever need.The remington is a much better deer gun in my opinion.String
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    I have a 300 UM, but I'm not planning on deer hunting with it. It kicks pretty good, but like String said, you shouldn't notice it under field conditions. The only problem I can see with carrying it for a deer rifle is they're all pretty heavy. I would think the new 7mm UM's might be a good caliber if you're absolutely going to go with an Ultra Mag. It's all personal preference, but the 30-06 has always been one of my favorite all-around calibers. Sounds like you have the same disease as I do...too many choices and not enough money to buy them all. I would definitely agree with the majority and say that the M14 isn't a classic deer rifle and would be better suited for other purposes and circumstances.
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    I have killed several deer with my M14S and M1A rifles.I hunt out of a stand with them.If stillhunting I use a Model 7 in 308cpermd
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    nothing like a new rifle, but what is wrong with the old rem 30/06? why beat yourself with mag recoil:
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    redleg, where are you in missouri? I also live in missouri and am a redleg. Bravo, Det-1, 1/128 F.A. in Hannibal. I do alot of deer hunting in the state. e-mail me direct and we'll trade some stories.
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