Vintage Military Experts help identify USMC piece

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Can anyone id this canvas carrier? All input appreciated.
I have looked everywhere I can think of. Thanks


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    tool bag,,large machine gun support bag??
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    F6 has it, machine parts bag, the spare barrel goes on the bottom, straps holding it [;)]
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    I'm not too sure of that. It has the name WR CHAMBERLAND and CAPTAIN USMC stenciled under the leather handle.(strange for a mg set). I thought it might be a personal gear carrier similar to the early bedroll roll up.
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    I don't think that is GI issue. Wrong handles. No cage numbers or id numbers. Possible used as a maps/papers/documents carrier.
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    I bet when he got it unpacked his trousers needed pressed.
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    I think it started life as a MG bag, then it was field converted by the good Capt. I still my TLs 29 kit that was given to me by the cable and wire boys. They ran about 18 miles of spiral 4 wire 3 times on cold and miserable night due to an incompetent radio relay operator. The platoon Sargent came and ask me to go have a look. Nothing wrong any of their wire or repeaters, the bozo didn't have the cable multiplexer turned on or cabled up correctly. I stamped my initials on the leather tool carrier and dyed it black, plus I electro penciled the tools. I kept the receipt until I was a PFC again.
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    Looks to have made Major. Chamberlin won the Navy Cross and Silver Star. Was at Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian.

    Executive Officer, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines

    Awarded the Navy Cross for action on Betio island during 20-24 November 43:

    "For oustanding leadership and uncommon valor, and disregarding personal saftey. Chamberlin cleaned out machinegun nests along the saewall and, although wounded, directed operations on the extreme left of the beachhead. He led attacks against numerous bunkers and commanded the destruction of an important enemy bombproof."
    Maj. Chamberlin was from Seattle, Washington. He was wounded on Betio.

    What's next?
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    Found this this morning. They call it a ''WWI US Army Officer's Light Canvas Clothing Valise / Bedroll''
    The one I have is marked USMC PHILDA. DEPOT
    Thanks to all who answered.
    See here:
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    Yup,gave you a hint because i could not remember what it was called. ( Valise )Not 100% sure its WWI,maybe post WWI on yours note buttons or snaps.
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    Pretty neat piece of history! I wonder if any relative or the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico might be interested?

    Semper fi
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