Longitudinal adjustable sights

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I bought this air gun that supposedly have
adjustable longitudinal sights.
I looked at this thing and I can not find anything that would make the sights move back and forth like maybe on a rail.
Front sight, turn around in a circle and maybe up and down,
Back sights, up and down. right and left.
What, where is this adjustable longitudinal sights?



  • babunbabun Member Posts: 11,497
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    Your gun should adjust from 365mm to 375mm site radius.
    Look at the front site/sleeve.
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    Nice looking air pistol, bet it wasn't cheap.
  • walliewallie Member Posts: 12,171
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    Okay, we got the front sight figured out, how about the back sight.
    My Walther International 22 cal. gun has milled in slots for longitudinal adjustments.
    This gun is missing the trigger guard and other parts, so I didn't take anything apart yet.
    I called today and he said, AY, u don't need that trigger guard. Hay, I need it,
    I need it!!!
    Delivery next week some time, waiting 2 weeks already.
    So far good company, not charging me for an air fitting.
    I hope I live long enough to shoot it.

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    The sight radius is adjustable to meet the rules on different types of matches . also many people like the shorter radius because it does not show as much movement caused by the unsteady shooter. air pistols are some of the most accurate pistols ever made they also teach great shooting habits because FOLLOW THROUGH is so important . You can snatch the very light trigger when it is in the 10 ring and end up shooting a 5 because the pellet has to travel down the length of the barrel and it is where the barrel is pointed as the pellet passes out that last 1/4 inch of the barrel is where the pellet will go . Really helped my slow fire scores in Bullseye pistol match and did wonders for my Flintlock groups from my PA. style long rifle. I have a model 65 but it is over 30 years old I was able to purchase from NRA because of my scores at the airgun range match. they let pistol shooter borrow these pistols to shoot at Camp Perry
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