m-1 carbine barrel question

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I have a serious itch to buy an M-1 Carbine and I really do not know why, perhaps it is the nostalgia of the rifle. Anyway, I would like to know if there is a way to tell if the barrel is shot out without useing gauges (which I do not have). I know you can get a good idea by using a bullet with the M-1 Garand. Can the same concept be applied to the Carbine? Thanks


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    How do you gauge an M-1 Barrel without a gauge? I have read to use a bullet, but exactly how far in or what exactly am I looking for it to do to tell how it measures? Thanks for any help

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    Thats the way I use. It will work for 7.62x54r, .303, 7.65 etc.
    Pull a .30 bullet and carry it in your pocket, hard for anyone to
    get upset over that.
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    You don't have to make any excuse for wanting to buy a 30 US Carbine
    even if you have to change a barrel on one.
    They are great weapons and with the proper bullets should be effective enough inside 100 yards.
    Buy a new slide spring and get those rubber magazine covers as magazine feed lips are liable to get damaged and cause feeding problems.
    With a scope,you'd be amazed how accurate they can be.
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    You CAN get a quick check on muzzle wear with a bullet (not a cartridge, a bullet). Unlike the Garand and the M-N, and SMLEs, with the exception of a very little bit of Chinese made ammo, there was never a corrosive primed round for the carbine (due to non-operator serviceable gas piston) Do not often find a carbine with a bad barrel.
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    Jesse: use a 30 cal carbine bullet as a gauge to check the muzzle, but be advised that many were counterbored by the military to salvage damaged ones. If the muzzle is decent and the rifling/chamber look o.k. I would just shoot it. These carbines aren't match rifles, they are carbines and usually shoot pretty good even with some wear. I recently for a carbine at a flea market (no kidding). Most of the metal was painted black and the wood was a mess, covered with Korean rack numbers. But it was made by quality Hardware (a good maker) so I bought it. The muzzle was loose and the bore shows much use; I got a new GI replacement barrel thinking that I would have to rebarrel. I shot the carbine as-is and despite the worn bore, it shoots about as well as my almost new Winchester M1 carbine with perfect bore.
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    "many were counterbored by the military to salvage damaged ones. ".......just to note; NO barrels were counterbored by the 'military'........shady scrap dealers, yes
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    i thought for a carbine,you use a 30.06 for the gauge...
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    It is a 3006 and you look at the area from the mouth of the cartridge to the point were the bullet stops in the bore. Its one quarter inch is 0-1 and as the area become less as the bullet drops down into the barrel the more shot out it is.

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    for what it's worth, when i was shopping for my garand and paratrooper carbines i was told that 1/8" or better at the muzzle was acceptable. any less was shot out.
    wouldn't be the worst thing to buy one with a shot out barrel. CMP has new barrels for $150 (last i checked).
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    I have put two of the after market barrels on carbines and both shot so far to the right I would have had to remove the rear sight and stake it again in a radical position to be able to get the rifle on target. If anyone needs a couple tomato stakes I have them! Buy a US GI barrel!

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    one thing you dont do is use a 30.06 bullet as a gauge. its not the same diameter as the .30 carbine! use a lake city shell, the ones it was designed for.
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