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Several years I bought a Remington 788 in 6mm in the hopes that my wife might actually put in for the once in a lifetime Bighorn Sheep tag here in Oregon. Alas I was disappointed. I love this rifle and I have heard how great the accuracy is with these rifles. So far that has not been the case. I know that the twist rate was changed by Remington for the heavier bullets and I shoot a 100gr Sierra but have mixed results with 2-3inch groups at best.

Does anyone know if Remington had the correct twist rate of barrel on the model 788? I shot factory 80gr bullets and it shot great, I prefer 100gr though. thanks for any replies.


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    If it shoots well with the lighter bullets, then it looks like you have one of the barrels that was originally for the 244 Remington that had a 1 in 12 twist rate. The 6mm Remington rifles had a 1 in 9 rate and stabilized the heavier bullets.

    You have several options. First, only shoot light bullets in that rifle that are good enough to take deer. Second, re-bore the barrel to 260 Rem., 257 Roberts or 308W, since the magazine can handle these cartridges. Finally, re-barrel to some other short length cartridge.
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    I had similar results with a new McGowan barrel on my Mauser. I tried many different bullets and loads. I came to the conclusion that each rifle barrel requires a lot of experimentation to determine what works best. I also think it takes quite a few shots to actually break in the barrel. I used the normal shoot and clean with Tetra-Gun break-in procedure. I did finally arrive at the correct load for it after about 300 rounds.
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    Could be lots of things.

    Tell us more about what it did like.

    Should be the 1:9.

    Try 3 different powders with the same bullet, .010" off the lands. But, case neck tension could be part of the problem. Sure the case necks aren't too thick?
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    So far the only factory load that I have shot is the Remington 80gr. It went into under an inch at 100yds.

    My handloads are 100gr Sierra BT behind H4831. I am getting about 2-3 inch groups with that. I need to try more loads I guess. My main question was if the 788 had the 1-12 twist or the 1-9 twist that Remington changed to for the heavier bullets.
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    Two different 788 in 6mm Rem performed extremely well using Hornady 87 spire point bullets loaded right at the upper end of what the rifles found acceptable. This bullet is suitable for deer and antelope.
    One of the 788 rifles liked Hornady 75 HPFB as a coyote bullet.
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    I guess what I want from this rifle is something that will take eastern Oregon mule deer out to 300yds without too much issue. So I want a good load that I know this rifle will be able to shoot well for that purpose.
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    I have never seen a 788 with a .244 Rem barrel and twist rate.
    Your gun was made from 1969 till 1980.
    Remington did the "change over" of the .244 soon after 1964 or so.
    ANY 788 is a tack driver with the right loads, which generally means
    loads NOT to the max.
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    Stick a cleaning rod with a tight-fitting patch about halfway down the bore from the muzzle. Using a felt marker make a mark on the top of the rod at the muzzle. Pull the rod out until it makes one complete turn - the mark will again be on top of the rod. Measure the distance between the dot and the muzzle. That's your rifle's rate of twist. Should easily show you if it's 9 or 12 inches.
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    quote:Originally posted by telohf
    I guess what I want from this rifle is something that will take eastern Oregon mule deer out to 300yds without too much issue. So I want a good load that I know this rifle will be able to shoot well for that purpose.

    I think what you're looking for is called a .270 Winchester.
    I wouldn't use a .243 or 6mm on muleys at 300 yards even in perfect conditions.
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    I'm pretty much with Steve on the mule deer at 300 yards thing. Forty years ago I had a Remington 721(I think) in 6mm with a factory bull barrel. One of the most accurate center fire rifles I ever owned. Sold it to help get enough money for a down payment on a house, probably had my priority's screwed up.[;)]
    Any way, point is that would not be my first choice for what you want to do.
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