Heat affected bluing

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Does anyone know temps above which salt and rust bluing will discolor?


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    IIRC correctly, From PGS days, anything over 315 degrees. Normal was approx. 285, higher for Winnie's with nickel content.
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    Are you asking about environmental temps after the product is blued or process temps for accomplishing the blue?

    The process temps are as '49 harley' stated.

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    The temps are only correct for salt bluing. Rust bluing never exceeds 212F.. Don't know what temp it discolors at.
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    most steel will start to dis-color at about 450 deg. f (blued or not) this is called tempering (temp.) it will start as a light yellow (luger 'straw' colored trigger/springs)and progress to brown to light blue (think colt springs) and finaly dark blue.
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