Changing calibers in Desert Eagles

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I have an older model Desert Eagle (Mark VII) in .44mag and I'd like to add the .357mag conversion.
I know I need to swap out the barrel and magazine.
Wouldn't I also need to swap out the bolt?


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    Yes, you would need the bolt, too.

    The conversion kits usually come with the barrel, magazine, and bolt.

    It might take some doing, if you have an older pistol, as I am not sure what matches up to the old, from the new.

    On the 357, it takes pretty stout loads to run the DE, with the 357, from previous experience.

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    That's what I thought.
    I purchased barrel and magazine from an individual online. Said he bought it by mistake.
    He has a Mark XIX and he bought the Mark VII barrel/mag, but he didn't mention anything about a bolt.
    Guess I'll just have to wait and see if it's a complete conversion kit or not.

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